Sharon is an excellent tutor, she really comes along side my son, highlighting his strengths and encouraging weaker areas with a variety of activities that ‘trick’ (my words, not hers!) into learning. She tailors the sessions specifically to my son’s needs and interests.
Gillian (parent)

Sharon has been excellent at supporting my dyslexic son make huge improvement in his literacy, hand writing and confidence in English. He enjoys his time with Sharon and seeing him develop his positivity around what he can achieve has been the most important aspect for us. Sharon always has time to discuss how he is doing and provides helpful guidance and links to dyslexic resources and latest research. I would highly recommend to any parent that wants to see their child develop confidence in their ability.
Colin (parent)

Since working with Sharon, our son has developed an enthusiasm for reading and learning that we have not experienced before! Sharon has supported and guided both us and our son on how to help him learn, and along with his tutoring this is building his confidence and his enthusiasm for learning and reading. Sharon provides practical and clear support to us around how to manage his studies at home. We have found that since working with Sharon our son’s self- confidence has increased – not only in relation to his schoolwork but also in relation to him trying new things and doing things outside of his comfort zone.

I feel that Sharon has been vital to our son’s progression at school, and I feel that with her support he will thrive.

S.M.W. (parent)

My Year 4 son recently started weekly sessions with Sharon, and we are so pleased to have found her.  She has built a wonderful rapport with him, really taking the time to find out his interests in order to base activities on them where possible, but also to make their sessions enjoyable. Her communication is excellent with weekly updates at the sessions, and her advice to us as parents has been so reassuring and responsive.

M.W. (parent)

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your outstanding work with Katia. Your positivity and confidence have made a significant impact on her, not only academically but also in building her self – confidence. We appreciate your dedication and the positive environment you’ve created for her learning journey. Kaia loves to come to your lessons. Thank you for fostering her curiosity and nurturing a love for learning.

D.C. (parent)

Since finding Sharon, our daughter’s confidence, self-belief and progress have risen exponentially and we are so enormously grateful. Even before Sharon began working with our daughter, Sharon took considerable time, effort and care to really get to know all about our daughter’s needs, where she was currently in terms of her progress and what key areas she required the greatest level of support with. Sharon has been working with our daughter since October and her multi-sensory approach has really helped to unlock our daughter’s potential, allowing her to swell with confidence and slowly but surely gain greater independence and control over her learning. Each week, Sharon spends time providing us with additional ideas for resources, websites and games that might help reinforce the learning and frequently alerts us to useful parent talks and SEN seminars which are appropriate for our daughter’s needs. All this is so helpful to us as parents.

Sharon’s approach is positive, well-paced and great fun. Our daughter has developed such a strong connection with Sharon and really looks forward to her lessons, whereas the thought of Maths had previously filled her with dread and anxiety. Sharon is highly professional and adopts a huge variety of multi-sensory techniques and activities to ensure that our daughter remains fully engaged and has the opportunity to truly maximize and consolidate the skills she is being taught, even via zoom! We only wish that we could bottle Sharon’s ‘magic’!!

Mary & Simon (parents)

Sharon has been working with our 8yr old son for approximately 6-months now, since his dyslexia diagnosis in the Spring of 2019.  When he started with her we didn’t know just how much he didn’t know.  Gaps in his phonics, spelling and reading / writing ability were clear.  But Sharon identified that he also couldn’t sequence – he didn’t know the alphabet, days of the week, months of the year, orders of meals in a day etc.  The difference Sharon has made in those 6-months is exceptional.  Her enthusiasm, positivity and nurturing approach to helping our son learn his differences is above and beyond what we expected.  As a family Sharon has helped us to understand dyslexia and ensure that we are doing the very best for our boy, both at home and in conjunction with his school.

S.M (parent)

My son is 8 and started seeing Sharon in February 2019. His needs are complex and prior to starting lessons with Sharon he could write no more than a couple of very simple words. It’s not been an easy journey and one that I am sure will need to continue for a long time but Sharon has changed my son’s life! He can now read so much more confidently as well as being able to write sentences, as a result his confidence at school has increased and he is more vocal in the classroom. Sharon is thorough and methodical in her approach and in the early days it was tough, but she persevered and never gave up on our son. I would recommend her without hesitation!

N.R (parent)

Thank you for leading our recent Dyslexia training. This session was packed full of practical ideas and strategies which have benefited our pupils enormously. The course was delivered in a fun and interactive way, keeping staff engaged throughout. You clearly have a passion for the subject matter!

Simon Ellis

So impressed with Sharon, her manner and professionalism is outstanding. Our daughter loves going and we can already see an improvement in her ability and confidence.

JB (parent)

Sharon was highly recommended and assessed my daughter for dyslexia. Sharon seemed to ‘get’ her almost immediately and developed a wonderful rapport. She provided us with a comprehensive report, full of information and practical advice which helped to support my daughter at home and in getting more support from school. Sharon even identified possible DCD and visual stress/tracking difficulties which have all subsequently been diagnosed. Her help has been invaluable in supporting my daughter and I’m so glad we found her.

L.A (parent)

Dyslexia assessment

We felt at ease with Sharon within minutes. The tests my son took were fun and carried out in a relaxed manner, whilst getting the best out of the child. Her reports are extremely detailed and her additional ad hoc advice and suggestions were very welcomed. Sharon is a remarkable person, not only extremely knowledgeable in her field, but a genuinely caring individual, who I believe went above and beyond in the service she provided to us.

E.M (parent)

Dyslexia assessments and reports

“I can’t thank you enough for the very thorough and detailed report. You have shown us the light at the end of a dark tunnel.”

N.W (parent)

Dyslexia assessments and reports

With the dyslexia report Sharon gave us, we were able to negotiate certain aids at school to help L even further. Her confidence has now recovered and L can cope with whatever is given to her. Sharon is supportive and goes out of her way to be helpful. I feel she genuinely cares about her students and would highly recommend her services.

C.C (parent)

Dyslexia assessments and reports

Our daughter felt incredibly supported during her assessment. Sharon’s report reassured us that she is capable of being successful academically. Highly recommended.

A.C (parent)

Dyslexia assessments and reports

Feedback on training was outstanding, with requests for more training with Sharon.

Liz Spain, SEN Manager, Hatch End High

Dyslexia staff training

Children not only enjoyed their time with Sharon – they thrived through her teaching.

Kanchana Gamage - Head Teacher, Wareside, C of E primary, Herts


Sharon has engaged with and inspired our daughter from day 1. It has been wonderful to see her improve in all aspects of reading and writing. We are delighted and feel very fortunate to have Sharon’s help.

J and N (parents)


Sharon is not only fantastic with children, but also incredibly supportive with parents. She has extensive knowledge, understanding and amazing patience. I don’t know what I would have done without her support.

A.B (parent)


Once again you have stepped in to support with information how best to identify S’s needs as she approaches the most important time in her educational life with GCSEs. This has been invaluable to me and more importantly to S’s motivation, education and learning.

M.J (parent)


Sharon has used our son’s specific interests to get him reading and writing, from cooking to plastics. I feel this is a particularly clever way to get the most out of a ‘reluctant reader’. We have no hesitation in recommending Sharon.

DW (parent)


I find Sharon’s expertise absolutely invaluable. Her concise and informative reports help us to make good decisions on how best to support our students. We have come to rely on her as an expert voice in the initial identification of what can often be complex needs.

Gaye Kassir, SENCO, Park High Secondary School, Stanmore

Visual stress assessments

Training was delivered at a good pace and was well balanced. I would recommend Sharon Goldstone to undertake dyslexia training in any educational environment.

Christina Nicola, Whitchurch Primary, Stanmore- Assistant Head , Inclusion and Safeguarding

Dyslexia staff training

I found what you did very valuable indeed.

Head teacher, Charles Dormer at Immanuel College Bushey Herts

Dyslexia staff training

I can highly recommend Sharon for her reliability, excellent knowledge and approachable manner. It was a very valuable inset.

Claire Harris, SENCO, Radlett Prep

Dyslexia staff training